Store,Organize and hold up to 30 coat hangers, SO easily

As you have found out your Hanger Tidy is a very handy tool to have.


Being able to tackle your coat hangers easily, even if it saves you only 5 minutes each time you go to the wardrobe by not having to fight them.


Just a gentle reminder, we all need love and attention so does your Hanger Tidy. To keep your Hanger Tidy at it's best, periodically take out your Hanger Tidy, wipe the shoulders and cross bars with a damp cloth removing any dust that has collected on it, then dry it off with a cloth/paper towel or similar. This will prevent any damage to the chrome plating.


This will keep your Hanger Tidy looking great and doing its job for years.  Don't forget to love your accessories as well.