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Organize and Store, your coat hangers in your wardrobe or laundry, easily.


From just $14.99 Aud, The Hanger Tidy is part of a compact personal storage system to organise and store your un-used clothes / coat hangers and more.

The Hanger Tidy is a great space saving storage solution for your laundry and wardrobe or anywhere.


The Hanger Tidy will save you time and hassle by providing a quick and easy way to store your un-used coat hangers. Do not lose valuable space to messy, cluttered hangers-organise them with this handy space saving innovation.

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So don’t struggle with endless coat hanger tangles that waste your time and damage your hangers. Let the Hanger Tidy help you tidy your laundry or wardrobe in minutes and keep it neat and efficient forever!

Made from Chrome plated steel the Hanger Tidy is compact and convenient to use, it will last a lifetime and super easy to keep clean. Its modern and elegant look will compliment any laundry or wardrobe.

Make your ironing a breeze as the Hanger tidy carries all your spare coat hangers from the wardrobe or laundry to the ironing board in one move. The Hanger Tidy can store more than 30 hangers depending on the type of hangers.

No more loose Coat hangers! No more looking for spare Coat hangers!!! No more wasting time?

The Hanger Tidy was designed and developed here in Australia with a registered Patent No 2008905281.


  • Store
  • Organise
  • Catergorise
  • Save Time
  • Save Space
  • Transport All Types of Coat Hangers


So Simple, So Easy!

Hanger Tidy

Laundry solutions,

Why hang coat hangers in your wardrobe

when you can organise and store them

on the ceiling or wall,


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No more tangled or bunched coat hangers.
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Store and organise coat /clothes hanger by simpily hooking over the edge of your ironing board.
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